Publikation - "Stories of Reusing Vacant Spaces"

Die Publikation „Stories of Reusing Vacant Spaces“ soll die Einzigartigkeit verschiedener Projekte aus Leipzig festhalten und sie so zugänglich für ein breiteres Feld machen. Das Magazin ist eine Sammlung mit Information über verschiedene Initiativen aus dem kreati- ven Feld Leipzigs. Alle Initiativen haben eines gemeinsam, sie gestalteten Leerräume neu und nutzen diese so um.

Die 2. Auflage wurde im Zuge der Buchmesse im März 2014 in deutsch und englisch veröffentlicht.

Publication - "Stories of Reusing Vacant Spaces"

In order to capture the spirit of renewal projects in Leipzig the publication ‘Stories of Reusing Vacant Spaces‘ exposes this kind of projects on different scales to a greater public. It’s a collection of interviews with diferent intiatives from the creative sector in Leipzig. What they all have in common is that their work started with reusing abandoned buildings. The biggest one, ‘Spinnerei‘ was one of the biggest cotton-mills in Europe once and has been transformed into a place with plenty of studios, galleries and cafes many of which have come to a brilliant international reputation. We also had an interview with the people behind ‘The Japanese House‘ which is a group of Japanese and German architects and artists who organise events and workshops by bringing the two cultures together. The publication was presented at the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2013 and at the RISEBA University in Riga, Latvia. These cities are facing similar situations with vacant spaces.